Feel free to display any items that make you feel happy and more creative. It can be anything from family photos, books in rainbow order, or if you are Joanna, a fun wallpaper that transports you smack-dab in the middle of an orange grove. An Instagram-worthy office can’t cure all your work-related stress, but home office tips it can make it more bearable. From an official home office with a desk to a makeshift workspace at the kitchen table, even a small adjustment can help you streamline your daily routine… What kind of dividers did you use for the magazine file? I have 3 boys and the school paperwork is overwhelming at times.

Take everything off your desk except for your computer, printer and phone. No matter your office’s official use, you can’t get much done in there if it’s a cluttered mess.

Add Storage Baskets to Shelves

To make the most of the single drawer, I used a drawer organizer to house items I use every day, like my AirPods, journal, keyboard, pens, notebooks, etc. Continue sticking with your organization methods to maintain a tidy office.

If you just throw all your paperwork in there, you might as well have not bought the filing cabinet in the first place. Within those folders, subdivide your papers into individual folders. When a project comes in, you might start by putting it in your inbox.

Interior Design Your Filing Cabinet

Fill clear plastic shoebox containers with craft or office supplies, and label the front for easy view. Try these awesome closet storage hacks to make sure you’ve got room for everything. It’s customizable since you can decorate it as well and have it pop out more compared to stacking items on shelves.

home office organization tips

Moreover, having these cubbies on the wall means more desk space for you. If you tend to accumulate piles of papers and office supplies on your desk, then this is ideal. Once you’ve decided where to place the items in your office such as your files, computer, or writing utensils, clear off your desktop. You’d be surprised how your office will instantly be less cluttered when you can actually see your desktop.